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In the year 2011, when I was in first grade, my old church was moving into a new facility, and we were holding a block party to raise money for the move. Like any other kid, I decided to do a "Lemonade Stand" to help out and I had a blast doing it. I remember the exact amount I made that day was $46.50. 


Now I know what you're probably thinking. “$46.50, for lemonade? What kind of lemonade were you selling?” Well, that's the thing, what I was selling wasn't your average lemonade. NIU has what we like to call “secret ingredients." In fact, the people who bought the lemonade from me would always ask, “What do you put in this” and ”How did you make it so good? Isn't this just lemonade?” To which I would always respond, and still do, “It’s a secret.”


As you can probably imagine, my mom and I were really proud at this point; our creation was mind-boggling people. And from that point on she helped me start NIU.


As a 7-year-old girl at the time, I did not realize that the business world would take me on a never-ending ride with lots of ups and downs, but I've managed to take all the positives and negatives and use them to NIU's advantage.


In Spring of 2016, I was introduced to the E-Center at LindenPointe, a business incubator located in Hermitage, Pennsylvania. It was there that I found many people who guided and taught me through the many different aspects of the business world. They became a second family to me if you will.


Currently, NIU is in its mass production stage, and we are working with a highly respected bottling and distribution company in New Jersey, https://metabrandcorp.com to get our drinks on store shelves!


Thank you for reading NIU's story,


Cynthia Torrence, Owner and CEO of NIU

Cynthia Torrence is a gifted education student at Hermitage High School . She is the Founder and CEO of NIU by TALLS-LLC. She has made and sold over 4,000 bottles to family and friends since 2016 and is currently awaiting her first 300 case shipment of NIU Tropical FlaMingo formulated and produced by MetaBrand in Edison, New Jersey.  She is currently the youngest entrepreneur affiliated with the e-Center @ LindenPointe, an incubator for start-up businesses, in Hermitage, PA.

Cynthia Torrence, Owner & CEO of NIU

Cynthia has received numerous awards as a young entrepreneur and scholar. The list includes the 2018 Young, Gifted, and Black award by the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated; the 2017 Mercer County NAACP Youth Entrepreneur Scholarship; 1st place Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science Award at Penn State, University Park; the Sherry Culp Harris Young Entrepreneur Award 2016 and 2017; Honorable Mention in the Shenango Valley Urban League’s African American essay contest in 2015.


Cynthia believes in giving back to local charities.  She has supported various non-profit organizations including her church, Pittsburgh Children's Hospital, St.Jude's Hospital, and St. Joseph's Indian School.  

After graduation in 2022, Cynthia would like to pursue a career in the field of The Arts. She is the youngest daughter of Mr. Kelvin and Dr. April  Torrence.


"These drinks are amazing…  no really they are super duper amazing.. For someone who is diabetic and having to dodge drinks with high sugar content, NIU  are very crisp, flavorful, refreshing and tasty. I'm so glad to be able to purchase some on a quick trip home.. Cynthia Angelyne you were onto something and I pretty much success for you... If you see some NIU better grab some... You won't be disappointed."

-Tracey Boamah

"Best tasting drinks around! Love all of it. My favorite is the lemonade! I crave it every day and I'm dying for it to be in stores. Definitely 5 stars."

-Lauren Gordon